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Kinetics SRP Perimeter Isolation Board, We Specialize in Home-Acoustics

Kinetics SRP Perimeter Isolation Board, We Specialize in Home-Acoustics
    Close Kinetics SRP Perimeter Isolation Board, We Specialize in Home-Acoustics


    Installation of RIM System for a wood floated floor is similar to that of the isolated concrete slab. Starting with a level subfloor, a 3/8” thick strip of SRP (perimeter isolation board) is adhered to all non-isolated walls (the height of SRP is dictated by the height of the finished floor). The rolls of batting with secured pads are rolled out into place. If heavy point loads exist, individual KIP pads are then placed per submittal drawings. Typically, two layers of 3/4" plywood are laid (seams staggered) over the isolation pads, and the finished floor is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. While two layers of 3/4" plywood often proves suitable for most isolated wood floor composites, consider using three layers of plywood, glued and screwed together for added stiffness and mass, which aids in load distribution and noise control. The installation is completed by applying acoustical caulking to the top of the SRP board.