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Wireworld SPACEPORT - US Power Conditioner

Wireworld SPACEPORT - US Power Conditioner
    Close Wireworld SPACEPORT - US Power Conditioner

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    Free Best Way Ground Contiguous USA


    Reduces Differential and Common Mode mains noise within and above the audio frequency range

    Radio Frequency interference attenuated by over 40dB

    Each of the six outlets is wired independently with twisted-pair conductors to minimize contamination

    Improved sonic purity compared to power conditioners that use MOVs to absorb voltage spikes

    Lower impedance than competing designs for increased dynamic contrasts

    Maximum continuous power of 2,500W


    Unique circuit filters noise and absorbs voltage spikes without MOV’s, for superior sound quality.

    IEC 320 Fused power inlet

    Six filtered, star-wired outlets

    Mov-Free spike suppression

    Protects and improves fidelity

    CE Compliant

    Made in America

    Made with US outlets