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Kinetics KWAD Wood Acoustical Doors, We Specialize in Home-Acoustics

Kinetics KWAD Wood Acoustical Doors, We Specialize in Home-Acoustics
    Close Kinetics KWAD Wood Acoustical Doors, We Specialize in Home-Acoustics


    Door Options

    STC-35 Acoustical Door Comes as a prehung only

    36" x 80" & 36" x 84"

    STC-49 Acoustical Door

    - Door Slab only

    36" x 80" & 36" x 84"

    - Pre-hung door and jamb

    36" x 80" & 36" x 84"

    Upgraded Seals can also be ordered. ZDSL-7770AA

    Comes in 4 standard finishes

    Poplar, Oak, Cherry, unfinished, custom


    Noise Ratings

    STC 49 KWAD-49 Provides superior performance for critical room isolation designs
    STC 35 KWAD-35 Provides a cost-effective improvement over typical residential doors
    STC 15-20 Typical residential doors



    • Improves the integrity of isolated room design
    • Available with jambs (pre-hung) or as slab-only
    • Fast lead times
    • Sound-rated gaskets,in a wide variety of options, are available to effectively seal air-gaps between the door and frame.


    Room isolation designs are only as good as their weakest link, and residential doors present several challenges that can be met with Kinetics’ line of wood acoustical doors. First, the door itself, if not well-constructed, will transmit sound energy from one room to another. Second, air gaps around the perimeter of the door, if not sealed, are easy pathways for sound to transfer to adjacent spaces.

    Additionally, most sound-rated doors are made of metal and are not attractive in residential environments. Finally, production lead-times can be extremely long and therefore unacceptable to the construction schedule.

    Kinetics offers custom-manufactured STC-49 and STC-35 soundrated acoustical doors with improved lead times for production and the ultimate in design flexibility. Kinetics’ acoustical doors have been specifically designed for residential environments and offer a wide variety of standard and custom wood finishes, sizes, and acoustical seals.

    Full test reports available upon request

    Kinetics acoustical wood doors are made with lab-tested noise control core materials and are finished in a variety of high-quality woods.

    Kinetics acoustical doors include a standard set of sound-rated gaskets that consist of head/jamb seals (for sides and top) and sweeps (for door bottoms).


    Technical Information

    Standard Configurations

    Wood Maple
    Doors 36" x 80"
    36" x 84"
    Thickness 1-3/4"
    Jamb Maple, up to 6-3/4" deep, pre-hung
    Hinges Three 4-1/2", fully mortised, heavy-duty ball bearings, brushed stainless steel
    Weight 7.8#/sq ft (STC 35)
    9.2#/sq ft (STC 49)


    Unfinished (stainable)

    Smooth-skinned and capable of receiving surfacemounted, raised-panel detail trim

    Optional Configurations

    Woods Poplar, Oak, Cherry
    Many other custom veneers
    Dimensions Single Doors: Up to 48" W, 120" H
    Double doors and jamb also available

    Perimeter Gasketing

    Kinetics offers a variety of standard and optional perimeter gasketing products to seal the air gaps between the door, the door jamb, and the floor.

    Standard Products

    Pre-hung assemblies include all perimeter gasketing and consist of the following:

    • ZDSL-478AA standard jamb seals (for sides & top)
    • ZDSW-369A automatic sweep (fully mortised)
    • ZDSD-564A saddle (if necessary)

    Slab-only assemblies include factory-assembled sweeps. Saddles and seals are also furnished for field installation.

    Optional Products

    • ZDSL-7770 field adjustable jamb seals (new door)
    • ZDSL-870 field adjustable jamb seals (retrofit)
    • ZDSL-477 “meeting stiles”, for double doors
    • ZDSW-367 sweep (surface mount/semi-mortised)


    Standard finishes are anodized aluminum.
    Optional finishes include Bronze, Gold Anodized, and Dark Anodized Bronze. (Not all finishes are avilable for each item.)

    Consider these and other materials, available for purchase separately, to retro-fit existing doors for improved sound control in the field.

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