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Green Glue Noiseproofing Damping Noiseproofing Compound in 5 Gallon Buckets

Green Glue Noiseproofing Damping Noiseproofing Compound in 5 Gallon Buckets
    Close Green Glue Noiseproofing Damping Noiseproofing Compound in 5 Gallon Buckets

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    Shipping Method

    Best Way Ground Contiguous USA


    Price is for one 5-gallon bucket of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound. Special pricing is applied when ordering 2 or more bucket. Please select quantity required and add to cart for pricing (pricing special varies depending on quantity). For full pallets of 27 buckets or more, please contact us at 844-427-8737 or email us at 

    Each bucket supplies coverage of approximately 365 square feet of Green Glue, when using two caulking gun loads per each 4 x 8 sheet.  are highly recommended for easy application and available on our site. If you would like to trowel on the Green Glue, we recommend using a 1/8" x 1/8" v-notched trowel, as this should give you the right amount of Green Glue needed. Be prepared to get somewhat less coverage per bucket when using a trowel.

    Buckets are in stock and ship free within 1 business day from our facility. As one of the largest distributors of Green Glue you can rest assured that you are receiving factory fresh product. We restock about every 2 weeks. Additionally we ship our Green Glue Buckets from the East and West coast to ensure the fastest shipping time to our customers.

    Green Glue Buckets vs. Tubes:

    A five gallon Bucket of Green Glue will cover about the same amount as 24 Green Glue Tubes (2 Cases). When including the cost of the bucket applicator, that is a saving of $30. That being the case, when applying 600 square feet or less it is best to stick with the tubes.

    On larger projects the savings start to add up and it would seem like a no-brainer to go with the buckets. However our own experience and the feedback from large construction site managers has taught us that saving a few extra dollars is not always the best route to take. The problem is that filling the bucket applicator gun (as wide as you will cut the nozzle) gets tiring and drywall crews want to finish hanging sheet after sheet of drywall. Eventually instead of using 2-3 loads of Green Glue per sheet they start applying only one. The tubes are simpler and neater (the bucket applicator needs the end wiped on the edge of the bucket to avoid dripping) you just cut off the nozzles of a few cases before you begin and you use 2 caulking guns. Additionally you can check and see exactly how many tubes were used.

    In conclusion on a job larger than 600 square feet that you are doing yourself or you have steady meticulous workers, you can save money and use the buckets. On very large projects where you have a crew hanging your drywall you may be better off using the tubes and knowing that the job was done right.


    Green Glue installation is fast and dispenses with very little effort. No measuring or troweling is necessary.Bulk Caulking Gunsare highly recommended for easy application and available on our site. Green Glue will not flow off the board during installation. Application time is about 20-30 seconds per tube. It is not necessary to have complete coverage to obtain excellent results.

    Important Application Tips:

    Green Glue is Sticky:There is nothing harmful about Green Glue, but it is important to warn your installers that it can be tough to clean up, especially after it has dried. Take precautions such as drop cloths and latex gloves when using Green Glue. Take care to remove the Green Glue from unwanted surfaces before it dries. Products that clean well are Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil, as well as citrus based solvents and cleaners such as Goof-Off.

    Green Glue Smell:Green Glue has a very slight smell. In the same way that you can smell paint while you are painting a room, you will be able to smell Green Glue as you are applying it. Most installers aren’t bothered by the smell, but it is nevertheless important to keep the room well ventilated to prevent a build-up of smell. Cold temperatures or high humidity will slow drying. Smell will not linger on furniture, clothing or carpeting. Like paint, once dry, the smell will fade. Keep the spent tubes in a plastic bag and remove them regularly.

    Recommended Green Glue Coverage:The ideal coverage should be uniform throughout the sheet using 2 tubes. Applying 1 tube of Green Glue per 4’ x 8’ sheet will deliver about 70% of the performance of 2 tubes. Three tubes is optimal per 4’ x 8’ sheet will improve low-frequency performance around the primary resonance. We do not recommend using more than 3 tubes per sheet. If you use too much Green Glue, performance will decline.

    Green Glue Drying Time:After applying Green Glue, do not let dry. Apply Green Glue within 15 minutes. Drywall sheets must be screwed together while the material is still wet. Allow Green Glue 30 days of drying time for optimal sound isolation performance. Because it needs to dry, Green Glue must be allowed 7 to 10 days drying time before sound isolation will start to improve. High humidity, cold temperatures and multiple drywall layers could slow the drying time considerably.

    STEP 1:

    Hang the first layer of drywall - After hanging the first layer of drywall, it is recommended that you seal the seams between sheets. This can be done with eitheracoustical sealantor drywall mud. If using acoustical sealant, take care not to use a bead so large that it protrudes outside the plane of the drywall, preventing the second layer from sitting flat. If speed is an issue, you can omit this step and seal the perimeter after the last sheet of drywall is installed.

    STEP 2:

    Installing Green Glue BucketPerparing the gun:Using a razor knife or sheet metal snips, cut 3/8” off the end of the nozzle.
    When your nozzel is properly cut and placed, pull the back plunger 2-5 times to lubricate the barrel to allow for smoother extraction of the noiseproofing compound.

    STEP 3:

    Installing Green Glue Bucket With the recoil plunger pushed down against the recoil thumb plate, submerge the orange cone nozzle cap about half-way into the Green Glue. It is not necessary for the barrel of the gun to come in contact with the glue solution.

    STEP 4:

    Installing Green Glue Bucket Press the recoil plate down while holding the gun firmly in your hands and pull back on the plunger. Once the plunger stops, your gun is full and contains approximately on tube (29 oz) of Green Glue Compound.Pull the trigger to dispense Green Glue and start soundproofing your panels.

    STEP 5:

    How to Install Green Glue - Figure 2How to Install Green Glue - Figure 3Apply Green Glue to the second sheet of drywall on a clean, flat surface. Placing the drywall on saw horses will help prevent the board from getting damaged or dirty from laying it on the floor.

    Apply the glue in large beads in a random pattern across the entire board.

    Leave a 2-3” border with no Green Glue around the edge of the board. This will allow for better handling of the board.

    Use 2 tubes per 4’x8’ sheet. (1 tube gives about 70% of the benefit of 2 tubes).

    STEP 6:

    How to Install Green Glue - Figure 4How to Install Green Glue - Figure 5How to Install Green Glue - Figure 6After applying Green Glue to the back of the second layer, raise the board into position, press the board against the wall or ceiling, and fasten in place using appropriate screws.

    The Green Glue will squeeze into a thin layer (about 0.5 mm). The second layer must be hung and screwed within 15 minutes to prevent Green Glue from drying before it is in place.

    Typical screw spacing is 16” oc for walls and 12” oc for ceilings, but be sure to follow all appropriate local building codes regarding screw type and spacing.

    Use ourGreen Glue Noiseproofing Sealantto seal cracks and seams paying special attention to the crack where the drywall meets the floor as this doesn’t get taped and mudded.

    DISCLAIMER: Because of the many installation variables beyond our control,Soundhelpers.coshall not be liable for incidental and consequential damages, directly or indirectly sustained, nor for any loss caused by application of these goods not in accordance with current printed instructions or for other than the intended use. Our liability is expressly limited to replacement of defective goods. Please contact us should any problem arise.