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Liberty AV Solutions RS-232 Univeral 24 AWG 4 pair shielded low capacitance cable

Liberty AV Solutions RS-232 Univeral 24 AWG 4 pair shielded low capacitance cable
    Close Liberty AV Solutions RS-232 Univeral 24 AWG 4 pair shielded low capacitance cable

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    Units: 1000 foot spools
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    Features and Benefits

    • Stranded annealed tinned copper conductors
    • Cellular polyethylene insulation
    • 4 pairs twisted in varying lays and cabled
    • Overall aluminum/poly foil shield with drain
    • Flame rated PVC jacket
    • Low capacitance 100 ohm digital construction
    • NEC CM, CEC CMG FT4, RoHS compliant
    • 1000 foot spools


    • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 non-TIA data formats
    • Hi-Flex environments such as elevators and lifts
    • Field manufacture of RS-232 cables
    • Touch screen cabling infrastructure


    Product Line:   24-4P-SH
    4 pair 24 AWG stranded, twisted, and shielded cable NEC type CM and CEC type CMG FT4. Product manufactured compliant to the requirements of UL444 for installations and applications in accordance with NEC articles 725 and 800.
    Conductor Electrical
    24 AWG
    7-strand tinned annealed bare copper conductors
    Diameter: 0.024" | 0.61mm
    DC resistance: 26.5 Ω / 1000 | 86.92 Ω/KM
    Mutual capacitance: 19.0 pF/FT | 62.32 pF/M
    Impedance: 100 Ω
    Velocity of Propagation: 66%
    Voltage rating: 300V
    Maximum current: 1.4A@25˚C
    Insulation Regulatory
    Wall thickness: 0.0105" | 0.27mm
    Diameter: 0.045" | 1.14mm
    NEC: CMR 75˚C
    CEC: CMG FT4 60˚C
    EU RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
    Color Code Packages
    Pair 1: Orange, White/orange stripe
    Pair 2: Blue, White/blue stripe
    Pair 3: Green, White/green stripe
    Pair 4: Brown, White/brown stripe
    Reel: 1000 | 305M
    Weight: 42 Lbs/1000 | 63 Kg/KM
    Assembly Installation
    Pair lay length: 4.0" | 100mm
    3.0 twists per foot | 10.0 twists per meter
    Pull Tension: 32 Lbs | 143 N
    Bend radius: 2.40" | 61mm unloaded
    Bend radius: 4.80" | 122mm loaded
    Construct Applications
    100% Polyester tape binder General purpose RS-232C and RS-422 full duplex
    General purpose low voltage, security and control
    Shield Performance
    100% aluminum/polyester tape foil in
    24 AWG 7-strand tinned copper drain
    RS-232 50 feet by standard
    Note: Tested up to 300 feet
    Jacket Final Outside Diameter (inches)
    Polyvinyl chloride 
    Colors: Teal Green
    Wall thickness: 0.022" | 0.56mm
    Diameter: 0.240" | 6.10mm