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Liberty 12-4C-EX EXTRAFLEX 12 AWG 4 conductor heavy duty speaker cable

Liberty 12-4C-EX EXTRAFLEX 12 AWG 4 conductor heavy duty speaker cable
    Close Liberty 12-4C-EX EXTRAFLEX 12 AWG 4 conductor heavy duty speaker cable

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    Features and Benefits

    • 105-strand oxygen free copper conductors
    • Semi-Rigid PVC insulation
    • Twisted, unshielded with paper tape binder
    • Semi-pressured flame rated PVC jacket
    • NEC CL3, CEC CMG FT4 Audio Only, RoHS compliant
    • 500 foot spools


    • Speaker Level Audio, Home theater grade
    • Best applications below 120 feet
    • Class 2 and 3 low voltage power


    Product Line:   12-4C-EX+
    4 conductor 10 AWG stranded, twisted, and unshielded cable NEC type CL3 and CEC type CMG FT4 for Audio Only
    Product manufactured compliant to the requirements of UL13 for installations and applications in accordance with NEC article 725.
    Conductor Electrical
    12 AWG
    105-strand oxygen free copper conductors
    Diameter: 0.093" | 2.36mm
    DC resistance: 1.58 Ω / 1000� | 5.18 Ω/KM
    Mutual capacitance: 34.0 pF/FT | 111.52 pF/M
    Impedance: 60 Ω
    Inductance: 0.17�H/FT | 0.55�H/M
    Velocity of Propagation: 55%
    Voltage rating: 300V
    Maximum current: 9.6A@25˚C
    Insulation Regulatory
    Semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride
    Wall thickness: 0.016" | 0.42mm
    Diameter: 0.126" | 3.2mm
    NEC: CL3 75˚C
    CEC: CMG FT4 For Audio Only 60˚C
    EU RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
    Color Code Packages
    Black, Red, White, Green Reel: 500� | 152M
    Weight: 114 Lbs/1000� | 170 Kg/KM
    Assembly Installation
    4 conductors twisted
    Lay length: 3.0" | 80mm
    4.0 twists per foot | 12.5 twists per meter
    Pull Tension: 212 Lbs | 944 N
    Bend radius: 3.78" | 96mm unloaded
    Bend radius: 7.56" | 192mm loaded
    Construct Applications
    100% Paper tape binder
    Ripcord under jacket
    General purpose speaker level audio
    Non‐plenum 70V commercial speaker audio
    Non‐Plenum Class 2 and 3 power
    Shield Performance
    N/A Speaker level audio to 120 feet
    Jacket Final Outside Diameter (inches)
    Pressure extruded polyvinyl chloride
    Colors: Teal, White 
    Wall thickness: 0.036" | 0.91mm
    Diameter: 0.378" | 9.60mm