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Free Quote isomax clips Custom Installation Solutions for 4K and Beyond Rim Wireworld Spaceport
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Soundhelpers Offering DL-AR Ring Assemblies, Kinetics Isomax Clips and More

We serve the best sound the market has to offer. From Kinetics Isomax clips, Wireworld Digital Cables to Liberty AV HDMI Ring Adapters Soundhelpers.com is your one-stop shop for the best audio and visual equipment on the market. Bruce pioneered Soundhelpers.com 40 years ago, helping his customers coast to coast experience his knowledge and love of sound. We deliver first-class brands with the most cutting-edge technology that you will not find anywhere else on the market.

Inspire your customers, colleagues, friends and family with world-class sound and visual technology. Reserve your funds and time by using our qualified team of customer service agents. We’re the destination resource for room acoustics, high end cables, and wire products used not only by sound professionals across multiple industries but individuals who care about their home theater systems as well.

soundhelpers.com is one of the most modern eCommerce stores featuring the most refined and upstanding products Bruce could usher in. Always striving for more, he is continually locating new products and fresh ways to help his AV conscious consumer.

Bruce started his journey in 1964 spinning records in a small radio station north of Montreal Canada. There he learned the art of sound mixing. From there, he became a sound engineer for Radio Mutuel, the largest radio network in Quebec, Canada. He produced award winning commercials, jingles, and station promos. After ten years, he started working for the engineering department, designing and the constructing sound studios and control rooms for many recording studios in the Montreal area.