Soundhelpers Z4564A Soundproof Door Saddle 1/8"

Soundhelpers Z4564A Soundproof Door Saddle 1/8"
    Close Soundhelpers Z4564A Soundproof Door Saddle 1/8"

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    This solid, heavy gauge, sound rated door saddle with a neoprene gasket is great for sealing the gaps at the bottom of doors. The saddle fits under doors with a small gap clearance of 1/8” and up to 1/2" and features an enhanced neoprene bulb and finger gasket. The protruding rubber finger design ensures an airtight seal, even when door is misaligned due to natural warping or poor installation. Saddle is smoke and fire rated.


    Saddle is made of .125” thick aluminum, and has passed the ANSI Standard Load Test to prevent bending and warping, even through constant usage. For extra protection (ideal for commercial traffic) Full Body Strength option is offered. Epoxy abrasives can also be applied to create a non-slip surface, ideal for environments where moisture is present. Contact us at 845-388-1200 for details and pricing.

    A Note on Finishes: Aluminum Mill Finish is plain smooth metal as it comes from the mill, without a coating. Bronze is a mill finish, sometimes referred to as Architectural Bronze. It is a solid bronze piece, which increases longevity and aesthetics, thus the large difference in price. It gets darker in color in time when exposed to the environment. Anodizing is an electrolytic process that applies a corrosion-resistant coating to the aluminum for longer wear and color maintenance. All Zero's anodized products are anodized to 204 (dipped four times).

    Installation instructions and screws provided.

    Additional Options: Additional Finishes (Dark Bronze Anodized and Bronze Mill Finish) and Custom Sizes up to 120" is available for purchase through our office. Please contact us at 844-427-8737.