Soundhelpers Z485AA Basic Door Gasket Set

Soundhelpers Z485AA Basic Door Gasket Set
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    Little gaps around the perimeter of your door frame are can be a source of sound leaks and are a
    pitfall in any soundproofing project. Door Gaskets are the answer to create a continuous seal for
    you door. The high quality seals at Soundhelpers compress against the door to create
    an airtight seal and are specifically designed for sound control.


    Basic Door Gasket is an easy to install and affordable door gasket. The gasket is installed on your stop molding of the door frame which allows for a tight seal.

    • Aluminum casing is fitted with a high quality solid neoprene bulb with an extra lip for double seal protection. The protruding lip compensates for any natural warping or misalignment during installation and ensures that a constant seal is maintained.
    • Casing is made of high quality .070” thick anodized aluminum that will retain its shape and color, even through constant usage.
    • Screw holes are slotted to allow for slight adjustment after installation.
    • Installation screws provided. Screws are colored to blend unobtrusively with casing.

    Sizing: Door Gaskets are priced per set. Included in each set is one 36" Header and two 84" Jambs.

    Custom Sizing: Custom sizes up to 120" can be purchased through our office. Please contact us at 844-427-8737.