Soundhelpers Z485AA BasicAutomatic Door Bottom, Surface Mounted

Soundhelpers Z485AA BasicAutomatic Door Bottom, Surface Mounted
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    Automatic Door Bottoms are specifically designed to seal the gap under doors and provide the
    best sound control possible. Our door bottoms are built to last, they have successfully been tested
    through 5 million cycles! The thick rubber seal drops upon closing of door to create a tight seal
    and raises automatically up when the door is opened, ensuring smooth operation and preventing door drag.


    This sound rated Automatic Door Bottom will provide an excellent seal to the gap between the door and floor. The aluminum casing is fitted with a self-extinguishing and oil resistant solid neoprene insert which serves as its primary seal. Additionally, the interior of the aluminum anodized casing is filled with rubber for extra protection. 

    The rubber used as the seal is made of high quality neoprene to ensure many years of use out of this automatic door bottom.

    This product can be mounted as a semi mortised or surface mounted application, as shown in the illustrations. It is non-handed and can be applied directly over the floor surface or above a doorway saddle, though a saddle is recommended for higher sound control (A saddle is highly recommended when the door bottom is sealing onto carpet). Available in two anodized finishes and in standard stock sizes. Installation instructions and screws provided.

    Custom Sizes: Custom sizes up to 60" can be purchased through our office. Please contact us at 844-427-8737 to purchase.

    How it Works:

    This product utilizes a concealed flat mechanism which is activated by the pressure of closing the door (The brass nut at the head gets pushed in by the door jamb and that lowers the seal).  The high quality neoprene rubber seal drops, filling gaps up to .75”, upon the closing of door to create a tight seal and raises up automatically when the door is opened to ensure smooth door operation. Our door bottoms have been tested through 5 million cycles and provide the same excellent quality as our mortised automatic door bottom.

    Automatic Door bottom can be trimmed on the field up to 3-6" depending on the size ordered, see installation guide tab.

    Note: We recommend trying to keep the gap between the door and the floor at no more than 3/8" for maximum sound sealing. Larger gaps can be treated with a door saddle, or an added wood strip to the underside of the door.

    This model is recommended for interior residential doors.

    This model can be mounted to the surface of the door with screws. Additionally you can notch out the door and install the door bottom flush with door for a semi-mortised application. There is also a fully mortised model available which will completely hide the automatic door bottom from view, this will require routing out the bottom of the door.