GGAC06 6 Tube Combo Pack - 5 Green Glue and 1 Sealant

GGAC06 6 Tube Combo Pack - 5 Green Glue and 1 Sealant
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    Case of 6 (29 oz.) tubes; 5 tubes Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound and 1 tube Green Glue Acoustical Caulk combined. Each tube of Green Glue will supply enough compound for 16 square feet (one 4' x 4' drywall) and each Acoustical Caulk provides approximately 50 linear feet, depending on how large the hole of the nozzle is cut.

    Not sure how much Green Glue you need? Check out or Green Glue Calculator.

    Why a Combo Pack?

    This Combo Pack has been produced due to customer demand. It is a perfect solution for creating sound proof boxes around speakers and recessed lights. Use one layer of plywood and a layer of drywall (when applying around a heat source, cement board is recommended in place of drywall). Apply Green Glue between the layers and use the acoustical caulk to seal all joints and wire penetration. Additionally this combo pack can be handy for a small wall or ceiling soundproofing project or when you find yourself a few tubes short on a larger project.

    Green Glue is the worlds best-selling DIY damping compound for soundproofing walls and ceilings in home and office rooms or hotels. Acoustical Caulk insures that your sound control project retains its rating by not allowing sound leaks via any gaps. Both are applied with a standard quart sized caulking gun which can be purchased on our site.