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Liberty DIGI-BSR-4K HDBaseT 4K scaling receiver W/PoE, Audio-De-Embed

Liberty DIGI-BSR-4K HDBaseT 4K scaling receiver W/PoE, Audio-De-Embed
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    DIGI-BSR-4K Summary

    The Intelix DIGI-BSR-4K extends HDMI over a single solid core shielded Category 5e or greater cable using the Valens VS100RX HDBaseT chip and scales the source content up or down to the native resolution of the connected display. The DIGI-BSR-4K supports 1080p, full 3D or 4k x 2k video signals up to 100 meters (328 feet) including multichannel audio and HDCP 1.4. Built-in surge protection and diagnostic LEDs ensure hassle-free and robust installations. Additional connections include bidirectional IR, bidirectional RS232, Ethernet pass-through with a 2-port network switch, and analog and digital audio de-embedding.

    The DIGI-BSR-4K requires local power, but it can provide power to a compatible HDBaseT transmitter. The power supply is included with the extender. The bidirectional wideband IR, bidirectional RS232, and Ethernet pass-through capabilities make the DIGI-BSR-4K compatible with most control systems. The IR emitter (DIGIB-EMT) and IR receiver (DIGIB-EYE) are sold separately. The two-port network switch on the DIGI-BSR-4K allows a second device to share the 100BaseT Ethernet pass-through connection without adding additional hardware to the installation.

    The DIGI-BSR-4K is compatible with all Intelix HDBaseT product offerings and any product that meets the HDBaseT specifications.


    Features and Benefits

    • HDBaseT receiver
    • Built‐in scaling up to 4kx2k
    • Up/Down Scaling ability
    • 100 meter max distance
    • PoE powers the remote transmitter
    • SPDIF and analog audio de‐embedding
    • Compatible with all Intelix HDBaseT products
    • Affordable way to scale HDBaseT signals to match your display needs